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Dot Nightingale is an alternative teenager who is new to this town and high school. She wears all black and purple and has streaks of violet through her hair.

Dot walks to school in her new town

She stumbles upon the carcass of a strange insect-like creature on the way to school.

Dot finds a strange dead creature

She finds herself being followed by a secret cult called the StarWatchers' Guild.

The StarWatchers' Guild chases Dot

She makes friends with a group of geeks who are obsessed with alien conspiracies.

Dot jokes around with her new friends Roller, JP and Hymie

And she makes rivals with Jacquie, the popular girl at her new school.

Jaquie taunts Dot and gives her a hard time

Dot and her new friends come across information regarding aliens, UFOs, and cover-up conspiracies.

Dot looks through sensitive information on UFOs and conspiracies

Little do they know that information they have gathered brings them to the attention of an evil secret organisation called IRIS

IRIS is a secret military organisation

Before they know it, Dot and her friends are being stalked by secret agents.

Dot and Hymie run from the secret agents

Dot and her friends learn of IRIS' evil plan, and need to find a way to take them down without getting consumed by it.

IRIS' evil plan of global domination

But Dot is plagued by dreams, or maybe premonitions, of a violent streak being unleashed from within her.

Dot has dreams of her violent streak being unleashed

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