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Insanity peppers and the The Day of the Dead collide in this colourful Australian graphic novel.

Oleo is our down-on-his-luck protagonist, grumbling how life has treated him wrong as he wanders through an endless mystical outback desert in a purgatory realm between life and death.

Oleo wanders through the endless mystical outback desert

He is visited by his own personal devil, Ranger Deathface, who challenges Oleo to be a hero so he can escape this realm.

Ranger Deathface gives Oleo an ultimatum

Oleo is left with a grotesque scar on his face, and the unflattering nickname, Ranger Dentface.

Oleo awakes with a grotesque scar on his chin

On his travels, Oleo comes across some mysterious shopkeepers who sell him hellish superpowers.

Oleo tests out his newly purchased super powers

He is found by an elder shaman, who gives him direction on his quest.

The elder shaman sends Oleo on a spiritual quest

Daemiana is a burlesque dancer at an undead wonderland casino, who also wants to escape this realm.

Daemiana performs her burlesque show at an undead wonderland casino

Oleo finds a faithful new companion in Fella, a malnourished but spirited horse.

Oleo frees the skinny horse Fella from his chains

Together they must face many obstacles and challenges as make their way through this undead realm, before it all comes crashing down around them.

A storm is brewing in the distance...

Ranger Dentface is still in production, but you can read chapters 1 through 12 in a limited edition small black & white paperback pocketbook, available for a limited time only from Lulu, until it is completed and will become available as a full-colour paperback graphic novel and complete pocketbook.
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You can also read through the chapters in digital comic format on ComiXology as they become available.
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Ranger Dentface

Ranger Dentface

Graphic novel in progress.
Oleo wanders through a psychedelic outback desert in a realm between life and death. His personal devil scars his face and challenges him to prove that he is a hero so he can return to life as a good man.

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