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Checkers' World is a comic series that is completely separate and independent from the Checkers' Asylum and Checkers' Abyss graphic novel storyline. Although it features the same character, Checkers' World focuses solely on his cartoon hijinx with no ties to the world of 'reality', and is not as dark or mature.

Checkers is a cartoon superhero extaordinaire who lives in his home in the sewers...

Checkers tells Rubberface about himself in his home

Ok, he is a bum that often fights crime, facing off against numerous cartoon supervillains...

Checkers confronts Apocalyppopotamus, sort of

Ok, most of the time he is roped into these situations and has to fight his way out of them himself...

The Cruggets have Checkers over for dinner

Ok, more often then not it is just by a stroke of luck that he manages to survive at all...

Checkers executes a daring escape!

But his adventures do take him to some cool places.

Mr Happy's Fast-Food Conglomerate Intergalactic Headquarters

And he does meet some strange and interesting people.

Morris TM Moose invites Checkers in for a feed

So, to sum it all up, Checkers is a cartoon dude that sometimes has cartoon adventures in a cartoon world with cartoon characters in cartoon, that may or may not provide a social commentary or parody of life and people in our own world!

Checkers approves of this message, kind of

We use the print-on-demand services of Lulu to print Checkers' World as a beautiful quality trade paperback containing issues #1-5.
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Individual issues of Checkers' World are also available in digital comic format from ComiXology for you to read on your phone, tablet or computer.
You can purchase your very own copy from them directly by following the link below.

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Checkers' World

Checkers' World

Comic issues. B&W. 15 pages per issue.
Join Checkers in his crazy cartoon adventures. From the sewers to distant galaxies, our hero battles against a wild range of characters in darkly comedic social commentaries.

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