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More dark and gritty psychological thrills mix with crazy cartoons and a splash of occult in this sequel to Checkers' Asylum.

For years after his first adventure, Checkers has been languishing in a mental institution, heavily medicated and free of his cartoon hallucinations. He no longer holds delusions of being a superhero and is a miserable, empty shell of his former self.

Checkers is languishing in a mental institution

Transferred to the minimum security wing with less strict medication protocols, something begins to come back to Checkers' giving him a new spark.

Something gives Checkers a new spark

His cartoon hallucinations come back to him in full force as he recounts his time in maximum security.

Checkers revisits his time in maximum security in full cartoon hallucination

Checkers learns that Mutino has returned and has been busy with more of his macabre murders.

Mutino has been committing more macabre murders

According to an old prophecy, the murders are part of an occult ritual to summon a demon to bring forth the apocalypse!

Mutino is a demon that will cause the apocalypse

Only Checkers can stop Mutino, but first he needs to escape the mental institution.

Back to his old self, Checkers must escape the mental institution

We use the print-on-demand services of Lulu to print Checkers' Abyss as a beautiful quality, full-colour paperback graphic novel, a smaller, inexpensive black and white paperback pocketbook, and eBook for Kindle and other devices.
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Checkers' Abyss is also available in digital comic format from ComiXology for you to read on your phone, tablet or computer.
You can purchase your very own copy from them directly by following the link below.

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Checkers' Abyss

Checkers' Abyss

Graphic novel. Colour. 80 pages plus extras. For mature readers.
The sequel to Checkers’ Asylum. Now locked up in a prison for the criminally insane, Checkers is reawoken to his cartoon hallucinations and superhero antics when Mutino returns to continue his crimes.

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