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MickMacks is an independently operated studio for original art, comics, animations, and a wide range of differing screen and print media, always developing into new and exciting platforms of digital technology. Local to Melbourne, Australia. 'Meatbucket' is the the world of original creations of Artist/Writer Jarrod Elvin.

Intended for all ages, MickMacks' Meatbucket invites anyone who might be seeking some art that is a little bit weird, or alternative, and unique. There are a huge number of Titles in the Meatbucket Index which each have their own stories, along with different visual styles and themes, and there should be something for everyone, which they have not seen before...

Please take the time to browse through the website. You can find a vast amount of archive material, including comics to read, galleries, short films, as well as character bios, mini-games and downloads. If you enjoy what you see, please consider purchasing the products, to experience them first hand and have them to keep forever. Most notably, Meatbucket Magazine provides a 'sampler' of different material and mixed media comics, as well as the latest information and updates from the Meatbucket Studio.

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